Time to Buy Land….

There’s a lakefront for Bob, a Colonial for Sue, and a contemporary home for Linda Lou! There is seemingly something for everyone out there on the market today… but even though these homes are gorgeous, priced right, and in the perfect location, they might not fit the bill for the buyer who has to have everything on their list. For the discerning buyer who is not willing to settle… it may be time to build. We have a vast abundance of land available for sale, and buyers can get something with a water feature, open pastures, a beautiful mountain view, flat land, or rolling hills. Buyers can purchase any size to fit their needs: from a one-acre home site to agricultural farmland or woodland properties of  fifty acres or more. So Take note: Land here in Sullivan County Catskills is prime, pristine and plentiful. Check out some of our listings here: Land For Sale Sampling

Although emotions play a large part in many real estate transactions, let’s face it: real estate is an investment. When considering a second home or deciding to acquire your country estate, you should consider buying land. Here in Sullivan County there are many types of land opportunities. You can purchase a parcel to enjoy immediately, set up a tent on the weekend with the family, and build on it later; or invest in a large multi-acre parcel to develop. Maybe you are interested in building on a breathtaking hundred acre property and plan to farm it in the years to come. You may just want to be able to live “off the grid”, and reduce your carbon footprint in a big way… Or reduced that footprint in a small way. Have you noticed lately that the tiny-house concept is huge? The key is that you can  hand-pick that perfect piece of paradise for your needs, whether it is for your second (or third, fourth or fifth) home, or the family compound that will grow with you for decades to come. It all boils down to one thing, there is an option when you cannot find that perfect place: BUY LAND!