Spring has Arrived!

Watching with childlike anticipation as the last little bits of ice melt from the beautiful pristine Mountains Lake in Smallwood, I get the strong sense that we are ready to embark on a very busy spring season. Make no mistake, the winter was amazing! BUT – with spring’s early arrival we begin this year with a fantastic (and very pleasant) head start. 2016 will be a prime year for Buyers and Sellers to take part of the bustling real estate market here in Sullivan County. For Sellers, the weather is giving you a great opportunity to finish up early on the spring clean up and to get your house in tip top shape and ready for showings… for Buyers there will be new inventory almost daily now, and the mild weather is perfect for touring. Buyers who begin the buying process now could potentially get into something within 6 to 8 weeks so you will be able to be in before the summer!